Education in the United States has been featured heavily in the news as of late.  As a result many are starting to taken action setting the stage for a huge leap forward, gaining the attention of those who focus on educational construction

As we look at our schools and the school system as a whole its shocking to think that the school books, desks, reference material and even the testing hasn’t changed in over twenty years.  What was once considered to be relevant just a few years ago has drastically changed to the point of ill relevance.

The School Buildings

The first thing that needs to be addressed are the school buildings themselves.  The buildings that we currently have housing our teachers and students were built back in the nineteen sixties.  They are starting to crumble, the years of decay and lack of maintenance have taken their toll and in many states there are reports of mold.  The days of fresh paint and other cosmetic treatments are long gone.  The need for modern facilities is vital for our children’s futures.

educational construction


The next component that is being addressed are the schools amenities.  Each school are now taking a look at the extra-curricular activities that they are offering students.  The soccer and football fields have seen better days, art programs have gone away and the majority of students are guzzling down junk food while texting on their phones instead of talking to the students right next to them.

Parents, Teacher, Students and Administration need to come together with a solid plan to really drive home the educational needs as well and the physical and mental wellbeing of each student.  Creating a construction plan both physically and metaphorically will be vital to the success of our students and their futures.