efficient oil pumps

Oil pumps are not there to look pretty. High performance standards and complete reliability should equate to efficient oil pumps. Design is important. But perhaps you should note as a reminder that manufacturing tolerances are more so. It can be complicated. The business of manufacturing pumps needs to take into account the stacking of machining tolerances. The same imperatives apply to the preparation of bearings, shafts, housings and gears.

Once the strictest tolerance parameters have been achieved, a pump will be able to manage the hostile terrain of pressures and temperatures. The pump should also be durable and ready for a long lifespan. Applications made to pumps need to be precise. There should not be any margin for error. Endeavor to maintain the highest standards as far as you can and you set yourself up for high rates of productivity, very little downtime and the potential for making some profit.

Application considerations need to be taken into account. You are dealing with a complex network that makes up the engine’s lubricating system. This system is made up of a number of elements, namely; pump volume, pump pressures, duration or operating rates, your temperature operating range and that all important requirement; efficiency of purpose. Horsepower is also a big word. It needs to go hand in hand with efficiency. And of course, it always needs to be reliable.

No machine is able to operate optimally if it is without technical support. Needless to say, technical knowledge and expertise remains essential. This short article now closes off with a brief introductory look at some features of best designed and engineered oil pumps. They are polished and heat treated. The ground shafts are precise. Gear housings and bulkheads are being fabricated from aircraft quality aluminum.